Bungee jumping in Rishikesh, India

Submitted by nobjohns on Sun, 03-Nov-2019 - 19:00

Rishikesh is a city developed across the shore of Ganga river which has origin from Gangotri glaciers. The food and accommodation are very cheap and evenings are so beautiful here.

Ganga river early in the morning
Rishikesh bus station, early in the morning

India don't have many bungee jumping sites and Rishikesh has the highest that is 83 meters, higher than the one I found in Chiang Mai, Thailand. As an adventurous ( sometimes, stupid too ) person looking for such a once-in-a-lifetime activities, it is in my list for a quite long time :). And that time came... I am in Rishikesh and "Jumping Heights" - the company behind this famous "Jump into Nothing" activity open for all as usual.

One problem - there is no slot available for Bungee jumping on the days I stay in Rishikesh. What to do? Try luck next time? No ways! :). I went deep into the web browser on mobile and found there are slots available if book through MakeMyTrip appiication & it is cheaper too!.

Done! booked through the app and reached their office at Tapovan, 9.00AM next day. Two mini buses are waiting - one for free soul adventures like me and the other one for company staff. After an hour of journey, we reached their office. We all signed some papers and waited for the turn.

In my batch, we are around 10 people including a lady from Mumbai. The jumping platform is a crane fixed between two hills and a river flows beneath. I told my guide to not push me from back. I love to jump myself, no need for a push. It is not funny if you scared too much and need a push. As I am not too heavy, I can enjoy more the bounce back than the free fall. This is what my guide told.

3... 2... 1... Bungee ..... I jumped. A free fall from a height of 83 meters. It is too fast and no time to think or watch what is going on. I bounce back 2 - 3 times before stops.They managed to get me into right spot on the river side once done.

It was wonderful! and needs a bit of courage and a huge trust on bungee cord :D. It costs around Rs. 3500 / 50$

three ..... two ..... one ..... bungee !!!
I swear no one push me from back 😃
Yea, I am still alive!.
I am the one who standing at the center, not the one sitting at the corner and picking the tooth :)